Okay, I have to rant.. 

I just don’t understand society! 

Like who the fuck cares what kinda music you listen too? Why do we all have to fucking judge each other? Like come on, leave people alone!

Do I like Justin Bieber? No, I don’t but i’m not gonna bash and hate on him or his fans. As much as i don’t like him, I respect him because he does care about his fans and has saved lived. 

Like, why tell people they are stupid for listening to a certain type of music? Whether it be punk or ‘bubble gum’ pop… 

Yes you may hate a band or an artist, but whether you like it or not, they have saved peoples lives. 

Music saves peoples lives and will live on forever, so why don’t you stop wasting your time bashing people and what kinda music they like and just listen to the music you like and leave people alone. Simple as that.. 

Sorry, rant over… 




Harry ♥ Louis *:・゚✧ When Louis comes back from the hospital before they all sang ‘Torn’ for the very first time  2010