Anonymous asked:

So i was an Elounor shipper before, and then i saw a Larry video which convinced me that Larry is true and do you think its weird that im a Harry girl but i ship them. I tried to not be a Harry girl and go back to Niall instead but deep inside im a Harry girl if you understand...

I don’t think that’s weird. I have a few friends who are Harry girls or Louis girls and they ship Larry.
Don’t force yourself to be a certain girl, that’s no fun!
If your a Harry’s girl and a Larry shipper, stand proud and tall (: xx

I was on twitter today and saw the hashtag #LarryShippersBeLike and I was dying as I was reading some of the stuff. They saw all kinds of stuff and it’s too funny. These are pictures where they say we ‘over analyze’ them. Like serious? Haha, people crack me up xD